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photoshop request

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im proud of how this turned out the only thing that needs more work is the air dam but its 2 in the morning im done messin with it lol and the wheel screamed at me " please bronze me" lol here you go



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HMMMmmmmmmmm, And there just happens to be one sitting under a carport about 5 blocks away from My house. Do I need another project????

I really like the one piece side window idea. I've always liked it on a VW type 3. That really was a nice bodystyle wasn't it?

Who made better looking cars than NISSAN?!?!?!?

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Well, there WAS one about 5 blocks away. On the way to Church this morning I drove by to see a vacant carport and a "FOR RENT" sign posted. Hopefully it won't end up in the crusher...................

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