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big time motors 510 body clean up and paint


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i am fixing this post. we are doing this car on a bit of a budget for the customer so it isnt going to be a show car. he wants to use it as a daily driver. here are some pics of the progress. 20121212_2136.jpg   

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i am having trouble loading my pics from photobucket. it is saying that extension is not allowed here. i am sure its what i have been doing every time i load a pic. whats going on?20121213_2151.jpg20121212_2144.jpg

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i sprayed epoxy on the body and parts just to keep the metal sealed while we do the panel replacement and metal forming. i dont like to leave the metal open past the two day mark.20121215_2186.jpg20121215_2187.jpg20121215_2188.jpg20121215_2190.jpg20121215_2191.jpg

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i have cleaned up my message box. we did all of this work in three days. the car has about 35 hours into it including teardown and partial teardown of a parts car that donated the motor and trans. i guess it is nice that we care enough to do these jobs, but i think the real heros are the guys that make the decision and spend the $$$ to do these jobs. tomorrow we will get lots of metal work done. i cant wait. the metal work lays the foundation for the steps that follow all the way to the end of the job. keep in mind this job has a dollar cap so please try not to judge to hard. this guy spent big bucks on his first car that we did just last year. the fist car took first place at a special invite only show for one of the local nissan dealerships this year and will grace the cover of the classics datsun calendar the dealer is putting out. tyson IMG_4624.jpgIMG_3929.jpg20120820_1356.jpg

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