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620 day

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happy 620 day to all our datsun peeps, hope u have a very 620 day..:D, do something with yuor 620 today, wash it, drive it , work on it do something and have a very 620 day:D

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i'm going to put in my starter, clean her up, and drive her today, then tomorrow i will work on my king kab, have a very happy 620 day:D

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drove my baby to the boneyards got her a new grill badge, new tail light housings, new front blinker covers, then when I came out of the yard there was a 78 parked next to me...made my day after I told Pick and pull off

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Bugeye don't let anyone Fuk with ur 620 day. go for a drive in ur 620 :cool:

Hope het pic puts a smile on ur face

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been wrenching on it all day, finally got the brake light to work, Im stoked, gonna go drive it for a while, and yeah he put a smile on my face, thanks its what I needed

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Ha-Ha!:lol: Kiz made a funny about june 20th in a earlier thread about 5-10 and I took it wrong and was a fuckin asshole. I did not get the June 20th thing. :blink:


Anyway I drove my Ratsun 76 620 this morning and then I waxed my King Cab and polished the rims for a cruise later tonite:D Shes a lookin suweeet!


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Crap I missed 420.....:P I don't have a dime to pull out on May 10


I will work on the 620 today.


What makes me SAD IS...I missed,comepletly the festivities of JUNE 9


First one to figure this out gets a valve cover,if you want to come to my house and pick one up!:D

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happy 620 day. i dont have one but was wrenchin on my friends 620 till 3 in the morning and we are bringing it to the lowdown show today.:D


I was going to take my 620 down to Low Down,,,But I refuse to pay $50 for a car show....I have a hell of a time paying $20...I only payed $45 for the roadster show. A 3 day indoor show. But that is just me. But I hope you take some pics...And have a good time...

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