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73 Datsun 1800 Goon project (Build date 11/72)


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Asking 3500/Best Offer for Ratsun members...


Ok, so the whole car is primered grey now (looks so much better when it is all one color. I bought new, smaller size tires for the front because the Pirellis I have would scrape the fender if I was to try and turn. I think that if the car was lowered an inch or two, the Pirellis could be put back on, but that will have to be for the next owner. I got some suhweet fender mirrors for it and got tail lights from the middle east somewhere too. Interior is ok, will need carpeting still and the dash recovered. Headliner is passable, rear seat is nice, as are the doorpanels, front seats will need to be recovered at some point, I'm including the original seats that were in the car and a set of replacement seats (that are in teh car now). I can include a spare grille if the buyer wants it. (I have no use for it). I've driven it around, its a pretty fun little car. I jsut have too many projects and must make some hard choices. I'm selling a few other cars too. I was goign to take some pics and stick it on ebay, but I thought I'd let Ratsun know first. I was going to ask $4500 for it on ebay classifieds, but that's just so I don't get any lowball offers. Build date is 10/72, not 11/72, so its an early one...not that 610's are currently know for their collectability, but this one might be worth hanging onto. Hoping to sell it to another Dastun enthusiast and not some retard kid who will redline it in a McDonalds parking lot (RIP my former SC400. sigh.)


I've replaced these parts:



Water pump (I have an extra new one for an A/C car, should someone decide they want to rebuild the existing a/c system.)

Fuel pump (Current one works great, but I have a spare)

Rebuilt Starter

Radiator has been boiled and refurbished

Radiator Cap

Water Temp Sensor

Oil Pressure Sensor

PCV Valve

Rebuilt original Carburetor

Oil/Tranny/Diff/Radiator fluid change

Majority of electrical wires traced and cleaned up

Motor Mounts

Transmission Mount

Driveshaft Carrier Bearing

Sway bar links

Sway bar bushings

Radiator hoses

Fuel hoses

Vacuum hoses

Rear drum cylinders

Rear drum shoes

Front brake calipers

Front brake pads

Front wheel bearings

3 Rubber brake hoses

Brake Master Cylinder

Brake Booster

Clutch Master Cylinder

Clutch Slave Cylinder

Rubber Clutch hose





(Has vintage Stinger Electronic Ignition)

Turn Signal Stalk (New OEM)

Ignition Harness

Speedo Cable (Speedo worked before, Mileage should be 131k, doesn't look like it has 231k)


Side marker and turn signal lenses look good overall.

Original Blue and Yellow plates, second owner, Clean title, current tags, 4 speed stick, Doesn't leak.



Brake Bled (All old fluid flushed out already)

Dash Recovered


E-Brake Cable (The one I got was about 1/2 inch too short, I will include that one and the original)

Some rust repair (Windshield area, lower fenders, rear quarter) nothing too major.

Reverse pops out (I found another 4spd that shifts right and tight for $100)

Hood prop rod

Interior Rear cargo light lens

Probably a bulb or two


Thats everything I can think of for now. I've kept all the original parts in case the next owner wants them.


Test me if you're interested 818.385.5796. Pics today I hope.

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Thx Xlr8r! (creative handle, btw) I hope so too! Never see teh 1800 wagons. Considering a 2500 offer right now, hopeing for 3k as I jsut bought an Insight on ebay taht I can't afford at the moment. :) Need to pick the car up on friday, so check out the updated pics of my goon here or on the classified ad.

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