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73 Datsun 1800 Goon project (Build date 11/72)


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Hey all,


MM has threatened me with death or pics, so I chose pics. Here they are. early build of an 1800 goon, 4 speed (i think) stick, I bought it front he original owner, about 130k original on the clock. I've had this beastie for a few years and am now completely going through it. Looking for fender mirrors, a/c parts, clock and to get the dash recovered and some front seats...there are some perfect seat covers in Chicago i think but the guy wants 400 bucks for them. I've done the plugs, wires, brake master, brake booster, brake lines, calipers and pads drum cyls and shoes, radiator re-cored, clutch master, slave and line, starter, alternator, fuel pump, water pump, motor mounts, tranny mount, drive shaft carrier bushing, changed diff and trans fluid, rebuilt carb, fan belt, tightened up steering box, bought slotted mags with pirellis, sway bar linkage and sway bar bushings, fuel filter, going through the electrics now and finishing up with the mounts.

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Sorry about the delay everyone. Had a friend try to end her life last night and had to deal with the bloody aftermath...which is why the post got cut off... am now just getting to post some. Got all the orphan wires in the engine bay straightened out (I guess I don't have a factory a/c car even though I have two hard lines chopped at the firewall, put in a seat so i could bleed the clutch and brakes and put in the new speedo cable.

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Welcome to the fold! My sedan is a December of '72 build date, but no 1800 emblems (The cut off was the 1st of December 1972 for the '1800') I have not seen an "early" 1800/610 with a black interior until I saw your car. Yes, yours had the factory air option (I can see the air box under your glove box assembly). Sedans and Wagons are essentially identical from the front doors forward, and if you need anything '73 specific, I might have a spare. Again, Welcome!

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Thanks all, I've done a lot of work on it, but drove it on the freeway prior to that. The one thing that concerns me is that it was popping out of reverse. Is there an adjustment for that?


Plans are to keep it pretty original and eventually paint it red. I think I found some metal fender mirrors that looks close to stock and I have some rust around the windshield, bottoms of fenders and a spot on the back that I need to eventually deal with...rest of the body doesn't have hardly any bodywork, so it should be a quick prep. I haven't touched the suspension yet because it is rides firm, but I think once it settles I'll end up dropping it some. Going to delete those fugly rubber over riders on the bumpers. I really like the look of clean, smaller metal bumpers. I dragged this thing off a mountain up near Lake Isabella. The ol girl still fired up on site and ran a bit with no smoke after sitting over ten years. This car earned my respect right there! One guys says he gets almost 35mpg with his (engine rebuild though...I should compression test mine soon), does anyone else get those kind of MPG's?

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ZeroW - I might have to hit you up, need a clock, those c-pillar covers between the doors, shift boot cover (upper), dash pad, front seat or seats


Anyone know what the vin range was for the 73 610/1800's? I'm curious to know how close mine is to the start of production.

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Does anyone know where to get a good carpet kit for the 610's? The place I placed an order with lost/broke their 610 pattern. :(


I heard that there is a guy on this forum that does great 510 carpets...does he do 610's as well? I'm trying to find his screen name again.


Wow, PF. That's pretty damn good considering! I'm thinking my habits won't be too gooed either, but that little good isn't exactly a speed demon though! How many miles on your L18?

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Greetings Andy!


Your build brings back memories. I built two 610 wagons - actually my first one was a Datsun 1800 wagon, one was converted to a delivery because the back side window area was rotted and couldn't get the window seals. I built my first wagon in the late 1980's and my last one was sold in the early 1990's.


I hope you finish your project.



Here info for your carpet Andy!






The above picture is an example, and may not represent your carpet exactly

1973-1976 Datsun 610 Carpet

Our Price: $159.95 Item Number: 6688




Please select the color of your carpet below Plush Cut Pile: --Select A Color-- 801-Black 897-Grey/Charcoal 8075-Medium Grey 853-Silver 840-Navy 8170-Regatta Blue 810-Brown 854-Buckskin 851-Gold 825-Maroon 815-Red Samples 80-20 Loop (+$16.00): --Select A Color-- 501-Black 540-Midnight Blue 522-Light Blue 525-Maroon 565-Bright Red 508-Turquoise/Aqua 521-Saddle Samples Nylon Loop: --Select A Color-- 601-Black 609-Green 608-Turquoise 602-Dark Blue 610-Brown 621-Saddle 615-Red 625-Maroon Samples Please give us some information about your vehicle below. In order to correctly make your cut and sewn carpet, we need the following information. If you select "Other", please supply the correct information in the detail line. Vehicle Year: Door Count: **Select One** 2 Door 4 Door Other Body Style: **Select One** Hardtop Convertible Coupe Sedan Other Transmission: **Select One** Auto on Floor Auto on Column Manual on Floor Manual on Column Other Seats: **Select One** Bench Seats Bucket Seats Other Model Details: Comments: Need help or have questions? Call us Toll Free: 1-866-868-4577

or email us: mail@stockinteriors.com

Item Details

Stock Interiors is proud to offer the highest quality replacement Datsun 610 carpet and floor mats available to the industry. Our Cut and Sewn carpets are made from OE Quality materials and are made to look and fit like the original Datsun 610 carpet. Prior to 1960 most auto carpets were cut and sewn, so we have reproduced many of our carpets in this original cut and sewn method. Cut and Sewn Carpets will come with a Jute Padding for domestic cars or Foam Padding for import cars.

This carpet set will fit the Datsun 610 for the following years: 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976.

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Does anyone know where to get a good carpet kit for the 610's? The place I placed an order with lost/broke their 610 pattern. :(


I heard that there is a guy on this forum that does great 510 carpets...does he do 610's as well? I'm trying to find his screen name again.


Wow, PF. That's pretty damn good considering! I'm thinking my habits won't be too gooed either, but that little good isn't exactly a speed demon though! How many miles on your L18?


either 79k or 179k, I can't tell if the odometer rolled over or not but i assume 179k miles

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Ernie! Remember me? Its Andy. We spoke on the phone and over email when I put the goon up on Craigslist in despair after the perfect condition stock front seats got torched. Thanks for the Tip, I think I might have spoken with them before but I'll give it a shot.



PF- Well I gotta say, I'm pretty optimistic about the MPGs and longevity of the engine based on that!

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Bonvo, I apprecaite the greeting - I'm very well - thank you!  How about you?  How's your 610 coming along?  I'm hoping to see the car in person sometime.



Andy, what a surprise because I was just thinking about you and how you were doing also.  Good to see/hear about your project.  I just ordered carpet samples from them yesterday and hope they'll arrive next week.



I just acquired a new Datsun/Nissan project (it's been 16 years since my last project!).  Hint - big brother to the 510 - perhaps considered the progenitor (my perspective) of the 4DSC (4 Door Sports Car).   Inline 6, 2.4 liter, FI, RWD IFS/IRS, 4 wheel discs.  I'm sure you guys will guess easily.  AND only 56K original miles!



Happy Holidays everyone!!



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Hey Ernie, so that was the same company that I contacted. I left them a VM asking when they will be able to make 610 carpets again, I'll update this when I find out.

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Hi Andy,


I'll need to contact them about my project carpets also.  That's great you started a thread on your 610 wagon build.  By doing so, the brethren here will most likely keep you inspired and motivated to see it thru to completion - I know I'd like to see what you will be doing along the way.


I told my wife - whom you spoke with briefly - that I'd like to build a "new and improved" version of my "NFRA RED" 1800 coupe, that I shared with you the photos from my Car Domain page.


Have you decided on a color for the wagon yet?


Good to hear from you - thanks!



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Ernie -


NFRA RED - lol.


Being an originalist (?), I'm going to stick with the factory red. Red/Black isn't a terrible color combo. That website said they might not have the patterns in again for another year or so...I contacted 71Dimer about carpeting for the 610's he makes great carpet kits for the 510s already. I will let you know about my findings. I loved that panel wagon you made, have you posed pics on here? If mine wasn't original, I would consider doing it.


This site is so great. I've learned a lot from it over the few years I've had my goon. I'm planning on driving it up to SF in the coming months to visit my cousin who just moved there. It'll be great to see what kind of mileage I'll get (New carb, etc) and will post my findings. New speedo cable too. :) I think I finally sourced someone with a ton of fender mirrors and will start a thread on it because I'm sure people will want them. I think he gets some of them from junkyards, but they usually all really nice and pretty fair prices.


Still nervous about the transmission popping out of gear. I changed the engine mounts and the carrier bearing so the drivetrain is straight now and changed the tranny fluid...no adjustments that I could find so the next step is dropping the transmission out, right?

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