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wheels question???

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jk. i said that cuz it sounded funny in my head :)

anyways, im not sure of the stock size of the wheels/tires but i assumed it was 155/80/13 (give or take a few mms)

if thats the case, height wise youre looking ok


anyways, google a tire/wheel size calculator and plug in your numbers

i use http://www.willtheyfit.com

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could someone please confirm if 15x7 +25 offset with 195/50/15 would fit a 510 goon with stock struts, no fender rolled and no spacers.


Nope. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING fits without rolling the rear fenders lips. ^_^


Unless it's not lowered AT ALL.


But with very little rolling of the rear lips, it will fit. :thumbup:

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just wanna make sure the wheels will fit without having to use spacers or rolling the fenders.


Why you no roll?!? Scared?


Some guy said nothing will fit witout rolling the fenders.


And I stand by that. B)


If the basic wheel choice of 14x6 280ZX wheels and 185/60-14 tires rubs, then EVERYTHING rubs. ^_^

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Stock wheels with 155/80R13 tires do not rub.


Obviously. ^_^


Are you talking about ZX wheels only?


To reference something you said, it's really about tires. Any tire that is appreciably wider than stock will rub in the back, and get cut by the (very sharp) fender lips. Rolling the front lips is unnecessary as they are not parallel to the ground like the rear.


I used the 280ZX wheels to illustrate that even wheels with a pussy fitment and small tires will rub. Anything more aggressive than that is guaranteed to rub.

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My Banzai 510 has 15x7 +25mm Rota RBs and NO rolling of fenders. However I had a bumbsteer spacer which cause the rim to hit the steering arm(idler) a slight spacer could have been used but I just removed the spacer. works fine.


Wagons have a shock plate in rear that Might get in the way esp if lowered.


Im 95% sure yours will be OKUNLESS you have a 510 strut with a coilover set up where the perch or the threaded collar is to low as the rim is about a 1/16 to 1/8 from the strut tube. If just a stock 510 strut then your fine.


I have a coil over 510 strut but I put the perch in the same spot as the orginal then used a shorter spring for my T3 set up

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