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my current 620 plans


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So I am fortunate enough to have 3 datsuns. A 521,510 and 620.The 620 has usually been my worker(boat,dump,general beater use)and I am thinking of making it into a sort of pre runner rig. I dont mean beater as beating it up. I still plan on finishing all the body work and making it look nice. I am doing the 521 as my rat-rod with twin sides and all the useless jazz and the 510 as a lowered stocker.

I have the 620 lowered currently and was planning on lifting it beyond stock.Maybe 3". I figure in the rear I could do an axle flip and lay it under the leafs which will probably require re positioning the shock mounts,but what about the front? I assume lifting with the tortions would put excess stress on the suspension as well as throwing the whole camber/caster out of whack. Any ideas?

Also I think I may throw the naps z 24 tbi in it for good torque and mileage. Is it as easy as just putting it all together and plugging it in to a brain and harness? I am completely ignorant to injection of any sort. I have the motor,intake with tbi,coils but not the brain harness or exhaust.

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