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My Dragon Datsun 521

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Try to pull straight out or you'll crush the plastic pinion gear. It's mounted on an eccentric. I leave the cable on (though loosened) and pull on it while wiggling very slightly, with vice grips.  

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I have been doing body work, and painting the left door, and fenders I am going put on Dragon soon.  This is the left door inside.  Most of the window frame of the door has been painted, but the exterior door skin still has some dents and minor low spots.



I have been working on the fenders I am going to put on Dragon.  Both right and left fenders have had a lot of metal work done to them, then I cleaned then both down to bare metal, inside and out, sprayed PPG DP40LF epoxy primer on them, then a surfacer, and a guide coat, then sanded the guide coat off.  This reviled some high and low spots I missed. 



I metal worked the fenders some more, and again a coat of epoxy primer.



This is the right fender, again sprayed with a coat of surfacer.


And then the fenders were sprayed with a light guide coat again.




Now, back to door work.  I need to have the doors on the cab, to fit the fenders.  This is the door that I have already painted the inside and window frame of, and I needed to repair some shallow dents and dings in the outside door skin.  

When I was much younger,  I thought it was OK to apply plastic body filler to bare metal.  I also heard this was a bad idea, you should an epoxy primer on bare metal, and let it cure, then apply plastic body filler.   

Since I have had Dragon since the 1970's, and have done previous work on it, I am finding that a lot of areas that I put plastic body filler on have the filler coming off, and rust under the filler, on the what was bare metal.  I am my own dreaded previous owner.



This is a closer look at one of the areas with filler applied, and sanded down.  i have sanded down to bare metal in a few spots, so guess what.  



Another coat of PPG DP40LF epoxy primer.


The epoxy primer has a 24 hour wait time to apply plastic body filler to it.  I wanted to do other work in the garage, and needed to put this door somewhere else.  I also had some other doors that need work in the garage, taking up space, and in the way.  I came up with this idea.




the door for Dragon is farthest back.



While the epoxy primer on the door was curing, I did some more work on the roof of Dragon.  I sanded this area down until I just touched metal again,



and sprayed another coat of PPG DP40 LF on that area.



I had some extra primer left, and sprayed primer on a rear hood brace after I cleaned it.



TRtDoorFiller2ndCoat.JPGhe next day, some more filler on the door.




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