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what timming mark is this?


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i just want to tripple check this just because. this is a early 1971 l16 motor with the 6 timming marks on the pully. my question is what is the red timming mark? according to the datsun 620 site info it should be 5 degres after tdc. correct? i already pulled the # 1 spark plug and tdc is either the red mark or the white one to the right of it. i pulled my timming cover cause the timming guide on the right had broke off and was rattling around in the cover. not good. yes it broke because of the thermostat housing bolt. before and after repair it runs best on the last timming mark on the far right. runs like a top or bat out of hell. the weber really makes a difference. again the red timming mark is 5 degres after tdc?

timming resized_thumb.jpg

timming mark early l_thumb.jpg

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i'm not asking because there is a problem. i'm just curious. i did not tighten the chain with dowel 2 or 3 but did adjust my left timming guide to take care of some slop. i dont know if all replacement chains have 2 bright links but i think my chain is original. plunger was only out 10mm or 3/8. time for a complete rebuild but it sure runs strong for being original and burning oil like she does.

resized broken timming guide_thumb.jpg

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i see hainz already diagnosed my problem on nwde for somebody's engine noise. different problem though his was a loose cam bolt! i didn't realize it was the thermo bolt until i tried putting another guide on and the holes would not line up cause of the thermo bolt was in the way.

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Too long a thermostat to head bolt can cause stress to the tite side chain guide.


Your slack side guide I squeeze the tensioner all the way in and push the top of the slack side guide at the top to take the slop out.


Most new Jap chains will have 2 shiny links. You will line these up on the dimples on the sprockets@ TDC


Im sure you seen my cheezy vid. next time Ill try to do a better one since I winged this one off hand. No script!





My L16 has 5 marks on the pully

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