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Problems with the truck


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So for the past 2 or 3 weeks I've had trouble with my truck starting and staying running, When it is running it hesitates when the rpms are low. I basically never know if its gonna start or not so I had the battery tested, fine. Had the alternator tested, fine. And had the starter tested, its also fine. When it does start the charge light will sometimes turn on. When it doesn't start ill through it on the charger and it will sometimes say its charged and sometimes say its drained. So Any advice on what to do??? The connections and the cables are good and I haven't found any wires hot when they shouldn't be....

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Sounds like the battery, alternator or regulator are "good", but not consistent. When the light stays on, get out and check the battery voltage. If it's not more than 13.5 when 1200 rpm or more, it's a problem. More testing is needed to find out which one is bad.


the low-rpm hesitation may or may not be related. Most common problem there is old points.

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Clean your battery terminals. Be sure to clean and tighten the ground cable where it bolts to the head and the positive cable where it bolts to the starter lug.



Hard starting could just be because of poor voltage from bad connections (above) but engines that become progressively harder to start over time ... it's often the points are in need or replacing or filing and setting.

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Points should be replaced every year. No need to replace the distributor.


Yes, the problem could be *anything* -- even caused by problems not listed here. When guys rely on hearsay, they end up unnecesarily replacing lots of good parts. Money down the drain. Get a $10 voltmeter and a $20 repair manual and we'll help you figure this out.

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I had an issue with my truck not starting after the rains started, I beleave it turned out to be a dirty distributor cap and dirty wires, the voltage was jumping all over the place, I figured it out when I touched the dist. cap while trying to start it and getting the shit shocked out of my hand, after I cleaned it all, no more starting issues having to do with the distributor.

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