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father's day gift.


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Wow Chris!!! Congratulations!!! What a special gift!


On the tailgate.. could it somehow have come form Japan and added later? You guys know better than I, but have You ever seen a 320 tailgate WITHOUT the lettering? I have a Japanese photo of a 521 without the lettering. I wonder if 320s were like that also "in country".


Once again, Chris, Congrats!!!!!

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going to need new misc. stuff like,wheatherstrip,mirrors,steering wheel and more,so any info,will be really appreciate,thanks for the support from everybody in this forum..................:cool:

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Really sweet rig!


I had a guy ask the opposite question....wondered if the letter on one was custom since his didn't have it. I told him I'd never seen one without it. Maybe it was replacement piece....maybe the cutoff was '63(I know '64 had lettering). It kinda looks nice without it, but I love the font on the L320 tailgates.


It's a much slower paced forum, but ODPL is pretty much 320 central.



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Guest DatsuNoob

Wow! I like that. Much straighter than my 620 which is 13 yrs newer :D. Looks like it really stood the test of time. How's the inside? What are your plans for it? Custom? Stock resto?

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sssswwweeeeeeetttt, nice score, happy times ahead..:D, as was asked, stock, custom, retro? pretty straight from the looks of it, not to much missing.:) lookin forward to seeing what direction u take it..

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int.,motor pics. coming later on,good point PCD & thanks for the point,find him driving around here in winchester Calif.........for rigth now I am thinking more like stock,maybe later later change my mind........:cool:

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