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720 black center console with gauges no shift boot SOLD

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I am considering using a 720 console in my 620, so I have a place to mount some720 guages. My 620 console seems to narrow without butchering it.


I wonder if I would need the short or long console? Did this one come out of a 2x2 720 or 4x4? If your first dibs guy doesn't take it I'd be interested if you have some pics or dimensions.

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Someone mentioned consoles?????


The early 4x4 and the 2Wd will/should have the longer console...<....longtail trannie.

All 26.5 trannies (IE 83+ 4x4) will have the shorter console

Some gauges are mounted in a hood....whereas some are mounted directly in console



Here's a console with the dealer installed fog and off road lights







A few extra gauges mounted in this one





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Most helpful! Much appreciated Sealik.. Let me know if you have a long one for sale or see one. I have two sets of the gauges, but only a 620 console to put them in. The 620 looks too small and I'd hate to butcher it if there is one already tailored to fit them!.


Looks like I need the long one, not the one advertised here. Hope this one sells to your first dibs guy Drew.!

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