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Datsun B310 turbo coupe, A15 project


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It should, but haven't seen any radiators there?


They have them from time to time. I bought one from them awhile back. 


You can also go on the site and set it up where they will email you when they get some in stock.  :thumbup:

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Welded some more and tightened some bolts and stuff on the front, I should be able to paint the front for good and assemble the rest of the steering and control arm stuff.



Distorted panorama:



And started to think about buying teflon inner tube for my MIG and teflon feeder. Then I could buy 1mm aluminium wire and then need some argon gas.

Then I should be able to weld the tranny for good and use the MIG for intakemanifold and stuff, so I could DIY all the aluminium parts.



Modified the front fenders a bit so the tire wouldn't hit the fender lip while turning.


Old picture, assembled the pedal system and steering rack and such.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Got some work done this weekend:


painted the front with primer and finished with black paint, also installed the rest of the front suspension thingys




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Got some more work done:


Got some new blinkers from thailand. Notice that the new ones doesn't have the trim part on it, I'm leaving the trim panels off from the car.



Also it was a time to paint these red:



they just need one finishing touch from china, vinyl brembo stickers  :rofl:



Also installed the brake master cylinder and master clutch cylinder:



Painted the windshield wiper motor plate with copper color, looks better in person imo.



Also tried to install the trigger wheel, but need to find a longer bolt



And I'm close to getting the aluminium MIG welding stuff, so looking forward to that!

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Aluminium MIG stuff, check. I'll try something tomorrow if everything goes as planned (not likely)  :rofl:  :rofl: But I'm so hyped!

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Geared up and loaded the motor and tranny and stuff to the van and drove off to my friends place, because they had some welding stuff for aluminium:




I was about to get everything ready:



But then the MIG died, one of the power supply thingies died, melted couple of wires inside the machine and struck an arc to the mainframe:



Oh well, need to have that fixed or smth. But I also received my new lock kit, yay for that,


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  • 2 weeks later...

Small update, got the gear box tack welded:






It welds surprisingly well for cast piece. But I ran out of argon gas, because I bought a small 1 Liter bottle and hoped it would last, nope...


So I'm trying to find more cheap Argon gas, probably going to buy some from Germany because it's so much cheaper there. 

10L bottle in finland, 300e

10L bottle in germany, 130e


I mean, really...  :rofl:


But the tranny is in place and doesn't seem to hit the needle bearing when I'm turning the tranny axle

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I'm missing some parts that I originally took off the car, damn it!  :rofl:  :rofl: I need to find them..




But I installed some little things such as new steering column lock and gas pedal etc. 

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Installed the brake calibers back on and fixed the drivers side rocker panel + started to weld up the drivers side door and prep it for painting and such.



Sill missing the brembo stickers tho, need to order them!


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Always enjoy getting updates on this build! GOnna be a bad ass B310.

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Painted the stick that holds up the hood and sold my old A15 carburetor to some finnish nissan forum member. Also tried on the bullet style mirrors, I'm not sure if I like them or not... Also found the missing panel that has the fresh air intakes to the cabin. It's from one of those other B310 wagons, so it was in pretty bad shape and still needs some work to make it look ok. I might even try to find better used one so I don't have to use that much time just straighten it.






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So I finally started modifying the rear fenders again and cut open the original panel and just bended it out a bit and made a little extension to make the ''booty'' larger as seen in the pictures. Turned out pretty okay and suits the lines of the cars imo. Also got the Argon bottle from Poland, time to continue the Aluminium welding at weekend, looking forward to that. Also going to try machining the injector pockets for the intake manifold at work, we will see how that turns out as well.







Still needs some work ofc and I need to make more pieces to the back and finish the inner fender

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Its almost ready, some smoothing and welding here and there, welds look okay, and grinder will fix those that wont. Got pretty good penetration all the way, no cracks or warping. Tranny spins freely inside the needle bearing and everything is fine and dandy  :w00t:



Welded the case from inside too:



Some grinding of welds and making it look like factory  :angel:





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wow I really was not expecting to see the cast alloy welding on that gearbox housing to turn out. 

Me neither! Worked like a champ  :rofl: first try!

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600 photos submitted to the forum after this post. Cleaned the garage a bit again and took some panorama shots. Hope u guys have enjoyed the project. I'm planning to make the transmission mount next.






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Well it's time to try and make the transmission mount + lots of pictures. More coming later today probably  B)















It was so nice to have her outside so I could have a full view of it, looks good imo  :w00t:

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More pics as promissed, probably need to clear out the tunnel a bit, but ain't too bad, and decided to move the center console just a bit to the back, looks good imo.





The motor is in, no issues.






Got better clearances from the radiator than I though, need to see what kind of fan(s) I will have to it. Original pipes clear out nicely the turbo also \o/



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More pics. Started to wonder why the angle wouldn't change even if I lifted up the transmission with a lift:



Well it turned out that the oil pan was hitting the stabilizer bar, doh!



So I took the oil pan out and took a little piece off from it:



So now I'm off by 2 degrees or so, I'm going to modify the motor mounts a bit. I'm going to move the original mounting holes a couple of mm to even out the angle.



Probably going to post more pictures today. Also I'm looking for adjustable control arms for the rear axle, it seems it might have a small alignment issue that can be fixed with adjustable arms.

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