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looking for pics of 13s on a 510

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Mystery solved. Thats why I love you John (no homo... ok maybe just a little)


I wish there were decent brake options that fit under 13s. There are so many nice sets of SSRs I come across that I can never run because a decent caliper is too large. 




FWIW, the S110 200SX brakes fit under most 13s. Same diameter rotors as 280ZX (but solid not vented), and slightly smaller calipers.


But part of the reason for 280ZX struts is it's the only way to narrow the track and run deeper offset wheels.  B)

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From my experience I would guess the rear control arms may have been notched a bit. 


Pictures please :poke:


sneakerjunkie what is your call on tires?  Looking forward to some OICS on the ground!

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here are my two when on 13's:   Whoops........just realized I helped zombie this shit.  :blush:




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pennvallydimer's 2 door on 13s







Would you happen to know the specs of width and offset? I love this!!! Penn hasn't been around in a while...

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The ones above are likely 13x7, 0 on a zx strut. Mine are 7" race versions with 205/60s. (I just ordered 15x8, 0 TBTs).



13x7 Libre with 205/60:


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Just your standard direct from the dealer 13x6 slots, stock suspension :)






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13 inch Appliance rims on my '71 510 wagon

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