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1967 520 gasser

520 gasser

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I like the slider on the front spring. But wouldn't you want shackles for weight transfer?


Also, I thought all 520s had single headlights.


Did the LS help with your cab to bellhousing interference? Or did you end up cutting those corners? Obviously you are probably using the same bellhousing...

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Sliders will transfer weight. I have them front and rear. They really help in drag racing by reducing the side play you can get under a hard launch and help keep the car reputable. I put them on the front only to get the right ride height as the shackle raised the front by almost 2 inch. Tried spring under and over but couldn't get the truck level.


The 66 250 had single headlight


In the pic of the head light bucket I modified them to take a more readily available ford headlight adjuster that I could rivit into the bucket with just a light grinding of its tab 


The ls didn't help I had to cut some fire wall out. the heads sit back more than a small block chevy. I had to get a different bellhousing as I had adapted a 153 tooth small flywheel onto the 400. The ls platform uses a 168 tooth flywheel and I had a 153 only scatter  shild

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That makes sense. Getting the correct ride height with leaf springs can be challenging. You could always add/remove leaves, but then your spring rate changes. I played around with the leaves on the rear of my Land Rover to get the truck level and the only way I could do it was to put one leaf in each rear pack UPSIDE DOWN, then clamp the pack back together.


Right, the heads are farther back. I run into that problem with LS swaps in tight engine bays. Nothing beats a shop full of sheetmetal tools to alleviate that issue.

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