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1967 520 gasser

520 gasser

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Sorry not yet going to pull from old frame tomorrow in class getting things ready to go home haven't had time with my finals going on the last two weeks. As for that mock up motor. That's a 400 sbc And it's the motor that will be in the truck runs and everything just needs fule lines and a water pump with rad and some one off headers. The trans is going to be a Muncie 4 speed not a fan of autos in my trucks

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so i have 521 doors on my 520. looked at a post that had pics of each door from each truck and my locks are in the same place as a 521 but i have 520 sheet metal up front??? its a 67 and that is what the vin plate has on it. wonder if this is a mid year thing when they was changing over to 521 to use up some left over 520 parts or the ran out of 520 cabs so they started useing the 521 cab insted. i would like another door for the driver side that does not have the pull knob for the lock if anyone has one in the spokane seattle area i would be willing to traid or buy.


got my front rims to go with the rears i have 15 x 4.5 going to run a 185 x 15 should be 25 inch tall 5 inch wide




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just got off the phone with a guy in the seattle area and got a windshild, front bummper, bummperets, and a few other parts.


has anyone used thes windshild gaskets from ebay or does wayno have any left



also did some work last weekend on my truck striped the hood all the way down along with the roof and a pillers and cowl top and put it all in primer.

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Found ass gaskets I mean glass gaskets on parts link thread

They also have 520 521 weather strips and pinch strips for

Better then Thailand eBay prices. It took more then a month

To get my rear glass seal . Just got it today. Gona buy the glass

guy a 12ver so he will install it for me. He did the front one.

He's got some mad glass skills and products. Like this weird

Primer stuff he swabbs on. I could do it maybe . Or break it probably

Any who. datsunlandsocal.com ck it holmes

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Well I'm on a role just pick up another windshild for $23. Now i have two. has a chip that is covers by the rear view mirror and clear as day no fog. I'm happy with it, still on the hunt for one without any chips or fog would really like to make a nice truck. Going back tomorrow to get a tailgate with the factory chains and a the front pice of the bed that is always bent from not tieing down the load. And many more things but its a 521so not much else I can use. Just want to help others make a nice truck to.


Oh does a valence the thing under the front bumper off of a 521 fit a 520? I need one and this truck has a beautiful one

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