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1967 520 gasser

520 gasser

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oh so i have started putting the axle under the frame. found out that i made it to wide so i am in the middle of just narrowing the rear of the frame where the bed sits. also got one floor pan in on driver side had to cut it to fit over body mounts and seam seald betwean the racker and the floor pan and the back of the cab and floor pan. the axle is almost done need to pick up some brake parts but it rolls for now. still working on the sprrings waiting on new bushings.






















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Don't know and yes you can


That is a ford falcon with a 406 sitting over the rear axle. he is working on macking a v drive to hook the axle to the transmission.


And my truck is sitting on all 4 wheels now. Will post some pics soon. Pulled off the cab today and cleaned up the bottom of the floor and welded up all the seams. Working on getting the bottom coated this coming week.

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only got 2 weeks left of class thin i will only be able to work on it deuring the weekend going to miss working all day on my truck be it will be nice to be back to full time so i can put more money into my truck. here are some new pics of the floors and its has the front axle in it now.



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Hey gaser what are your plans for brake master & booster? I have a big cam in a 62 chevy pu.

At this altitude that means low vacum so when I get a round to it I planed on hydro boost

because i would also upgrade to power steering. hydro boost units are pretty small

But you gota have a pump. I wonder if you can run a hydroboost on a drag car.

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Hey gasser I have an olds posi with 4 ft welded ladder bars  and frame pivot points -maybe forsale need to get out from under my 56 chevy gasser , I am going more stock rear end ,less drag race , I think it is 61" outer drums OAW .Maybe too wide ,but mean ass rear end.

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