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e-brake cable question


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Can I use 720 2WD 80-86 longcab e-brake cables on 620 longbed? I just can't get any 620 parts in here, but can get 720's. They do look the same from pictures but does anyone know for sure. I don't want to buy these and discover they are not a fit.

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How did you shorten thte protective sleeve? I ordered the wromg cable for my 82 720 KC. The one I recieved is 67 1/16 long and the broken cable is only 59 inches from the right rear brake to where the threaded portion passes thru the parking brake linkage. I had planned to send it back but will wait if it's an easy mod. Did you have to recrimp the cable fitting at the brake shoe end?



Camas WA

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I just measured the right length. Cut one end just under the crimp on clamp and the other cut where the measurment was. Basicly removed a section of the sleave. Re-seald it all up with heat shrink wrap for cables or what you call them. Heatwrap should be with glue not the regular one.


Making the cuts for the sleve all round with out cutting into the cable was a bit difficult but can be done. The rest is just remove the rubber from the section ju want to get out and you have a metall strip that coils around the steel cable, with cutters just cut it all of one coil at a time. NB Be careful not to cut into the steel cable.


If you can get a proper cable with just replasing it by the seller do it. I in here don't get any parts for older nissans than 720. Most of the time just making other cars stuff work for 620



shortened protective sleave




modified clamp on the other one.

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