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Wiper help?


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can anyone explain to me how the wiper switch and motor are supposed to work? I'm trying to figure out why my wipers went out and I can't figure it out. I took the switch apart and looked at it, looks like 3 of the wires go into the contacts for the push/pull motion and there are 2 wires that look like power and ground (maybe for the washers?) that contact when you twist the switch.


As for the motor I figure i can supply power to it directly to see if thats causing the problem but idk which contacts to supply power to and which to ground. I guess what I'm after is an explanation of the wiper motor wiring, I know where the wires go, I need to know which are hot, which are ground and when the hot wires carry charges


thanks to anyone who can help, the 510 is my only car right now and there is rain in the forecast on the 16th.... :/ gotta figure this out NOW haha

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One way that wipers are wired is this. The wiper motor has power applied, and is turned off by switching off the ground connection. But the motor can supply it's own ground, except when the motor gets to the place the wipers are parked.

Turning on the wipers with the switch, grounds the wiper motor, and the wipers start. The wiper switch also can change motor connections to a higher speed in the motor.

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anyone got any info on the switch wiring? I have a "universal" wiper switch thats got the right number of terminals, I'm just trying to figure out which wires go where. My stock switch is broken and the wires are all black...the wiring on this car has been a nightmare...I'm really not surprised I'm having trouble with it again...


should it have 12v with the switch unplugged at the connector? it seems like it likely wouldnt...the wires look like they all go strait from the switch to the motor


EditL I read that link you posted ggzilla. I have concluded that I wired the switch wrong for sure, and I may need to replace the fuse. I'm gonna look into the wiring on the switch

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I tried to fix it. Got it opened up fine, cleaned up the contacts, got em nice and shiny and put it back together. I was pretty confident that this was going to be the solution to my problem because when I opened it, the little copper contact plate was loose and getting in the way of the pulling motion. plugged it back in and tried it with no success. so I gave up on MY stock switch and tried the next step, what I had on hand, that didnt work out, the switch I have is weird and doesnt have the same function as the datsun unit. So now I'm on to step three, locating a new factory 510 switch, pl521sss said he has one so I emailed him, hoping to get that pretty quick.


Thats the deal with the switch, the motor on the other hand is having its own problems. the bigger issue is a high resistance fault in the LR wire somewhere because its getting no voltage. Also decided to poke around a bit while I had the dmm out and found that the BW wire on the fusebox also has a high resistance fault somewhere because its got 3-4.5v never 12v. I already knew the wiring on this car isn't the best so I'm just replacing the LR wire with a new one so I don't have to go messing with the whole harness. I'm pulling 12v strait from the battery so the wipers will park on their own if I shut the car off with the wiper switch still on.

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