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Post Pics of your dropped 720's


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To tell a true '83 would take a couple of those fender badges with the red and blue stripes. That's the only year the 720s came with those as far as I know. I call them flags. lol

yea i had noticed the same thing all the other 720's in my local junkyard didnt have any badges like mine

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Hey Izzo!!!! What spec wheels and tires are those? Awesome looking truck.



Modern 15x7 i tyhink, i  dunno what offest.  But they are light as FUCK.  Can carry with two fingers easily.

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T bars maxed out, rides like shit, and 3 inch blocks in the rear, with one leaf spring removed.. I want it a little lower, but don't wanna spend the money for drop spindles and don't have the skill for a C notch, so it'll stay like this haha.. And thanks for fixing the pics!

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New to Ratsun, but I've had my 1982 Datsun 720 for awhile now. Just finished a full suspension/brake swap and it's sitting pretty now!






Looks fricken sweet. I'm diggin the bronze chevy's. What suspension/brake upgrades have you done?

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