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I met some cool people at the Eagle Rock Datsun swapmeet.


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I met you and your wife I think at the last eagle rock meet.your truck was clean I think you were looking for some parts to get it up to par to what I see in the picture.If you remember I was the big fat guy if it was you.Very nice truck,I remember when I bought my truck it had the same camper shell that was perfect and guess what I did threw it away man I am dumb.

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2eDeYe' timestamp='1352922081' post='795064']

Great looking truck, reminds me of the one my parents had when I was a little kid. :D






Dude it's the same truck!!! That would be freakin funny if it was the same one. I saw the guy pull into eagle Rock. The first think that got me was the shell and how clean the truck was. REALLY NICE TRUCK!!!

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Wow, awesome! Thanks for all the great comments! Cool picture of the 521 under the tree! Thanks for the feedback on the camper shell! I was really starting to think about getting rid of it, it leaks, it's falling apart, I can hardly see anything out the rear view mirror......but it's nice to know that I'm not the only one that likes a vintage "Highlander" camper shell on a 521! And it's not like you can go out and buy another one. So I'm keeping it! It might come off for a while but it's gonna go right back on! I think it looks right on this truck, and they've been together since '73 at least. I bought it from a guy in the Valley, his brother bought it used in 1973 (with the shell on it) and it was in the family till I bought it in July.

Big Tankers,: I remember meeting you last Eagle Rock meet, your truck wasn't there, you showed me a pic on your phone. Your truck, Wow! I'd love to see it in person some time. Again, nice meeting everybody, this ratsun thing seems really O.K, glad i signed up.


I've got a cracked windshield. I found to a guy on Mission street (Mission and Ceasar Chavez) that's got a used one for $120. I'm going there tomorrow morning. I'll keep you posted.


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Great looking truck! We got to talking a little bit at Eagle Rock last weekend (i was wearing the black 911 long sleeve). Make sure to take some steel wool and glass polish to the windshield to remove the hazing. Use "000" or "0000" grade steel wool. Anything below those two grades may be too aggressive. Home Depot carries the stuff

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