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Hello I'm chubby and single and ready for a pringle!!!

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A $200 stock good used A14 will make more power than $250 header on an A13 (header will give you additional 2 HP at 6000 RPM)


Correct, you can get a whole 5 HP out of the engine swap, if you pick the right A14. The A13 is 75HP stock. The best stock NA A14 was only 80HP and many were lower.


But yeah the header is sort of a waste of time...


Best money spent here would be on a rebuilt carb.

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Yeah, soon I will, I wanna get my ride all spiffy like my grandmas b210 when she would drive like a crazy in the mountains of Costa Rica, her 74 b210 was a beauty and she drove the shit outta that car until she got her hands on a datsun turbo Z, and the b210 sits in the sugar cane farm house, ready to be played with...

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Just sold an original rebuilt A13 carb a few months ago with only 60 miles on it. Got an A13 with a shaved/ported peanut head and a weber....would go up against most A14/A15's anytime... A13 is balanced nice for high rap..... Nice.....

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