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Selling my Dodge Colt 1973 rare 1st gen in near stock condition

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Sorry didn't know where to post here , alot of love for Mitsubishi here ,anyway been trying to keep fixing stuff ,has 4spd trans with 13s and a little low gears I think 3.90 I am told anyway nice near done project for a mechanic ,already painted and seats done motor seems ok but chain noise I would do headgasket due to been stored along time , hate to sell near done .DSCF1021.jpg

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Hate to sell -may never find another, I used to hunt Colts sent three out east ,they were calling me the Colt hunter , I was a REAL estate agent and stumble on cars , anyway have a GM tech coming in to work here so I am selling and evicting a couple cars , FIVE CARS FORSALE at this time Dodge colt-, my 74 620 truck-76 Toyota Corona wag or goon 77 Scout traveler 4x4 tow rig-1985 Mercedes 190E euro 5spd Oh six cars I am partners on68 type 3 VW posted here I want 1500 for. SHIT SIX CARS

I think I am keeping the other six .three 50s

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68 type 3 VW posted here I want 1500 for.


A 68 type 3 is 3 different cars with the same motor, also known as a pancake motor supported with dual carbs and some of the best body lines vw ever put into production.


Is this a square back

I had a 1964 vw square back, I loved it, a 64 was especially rare in the USA because they didn't start shipping them over tell 66-67


Then their is the fastback


Not my favorite but I've seen some good ones


Then their is the notchback, now the notchback wasn't really sold in the is very much, it's my favorite type 3 and my favorite German car of all time right next to the 356 porsche outlaw



The motor was still a rr rear engine rear wheel drive and took a boxer engine, a lot of people are doing turbo Subaru motors in these things and creating some major performance numbers.

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Dude, read the date this was posted, it's 45 months old. If sold it's had three new owners by now...If still interested send hosetop a private message.... http://community.ratsun.net/user/468-hosestopmsncom/ . We don't allow buying or selling on the forums, only in the classifieds now.

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