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Way bitchin' '80's.... (new ride with pics)


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So you have a gap, are you planning to lower your truck?

If you are planning on lowering your truck, you can buy blocks that allow you to move your axle forward or backward a little, as they have more than one hole in them, the leaf spring bolt post can be in one hole, and the axle can be centered in another hole, this will only work to a point, a few inches one way or another, it won't fix a 6 inch gap, at least I don't think it will.

You also might be able to move the cab back an inch or so by loosening the mount bolts and sliding it back, but other stuff gets shifted also, shifter is forward, fan moves closer to the radiator, ect; but you do what you have to.

It would be a lot easier to fix if the box were to long, a lot more options.


BTW, that is the box I have also.

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Re-indexed the torsion bars, fixed the alternator, but I still haven't centered the rear wheels...  :sick:



Dig those headlight rings (you can ignore the so-called "pin striping" though, :blush:


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