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Way bitchin' '80's.... (new ride with pics)


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Found a truck-

From the 80's mags to the custom grill to the custom rearview, this thing just screams "1980's" IMHO.





It's a '73 with disc brakes from a '79, L16, headers, weber, E.I. the whole bit. I guess I'm too trusting because there's more wrong than what the guy said.

Just saw there's oil in the radiator, drove it two hours home like that. Hoping it's just a head gasket? Idea's and thoughts are welcome.


So, the car that was supposed to be a driver may become another d*mned project...

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I hate to tell you this, but it is not a blown head gasket that is pumping oil into your water, it is an internally cracked head.

Dan Hart had a similar issue with a customers engine, in the end he put another head on it and the issue went away, after the issue was fixed, like the guy he is(Dan), he had that head sliced like a loaf of bread till they found out why it was getting oil in the radiator, they found the crack in the oil jacket.

This was an issue with the 210 head casting, you have a 210 head, correct?


How do I know all this you ask, I had the same problem also, but I had already put a L20b in my truck by the time I found out what the problem was.

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Do you have anything that is not a 210 casting?

Preferably a open chamber head like a U67 or an A87?

Are you keeping your L16?

I personally would not use a 210 cast head, but the one you have now is leaking oil, so another one is better than what you have.

I am not sure if there is a way to test the oil jacket on other 210 heads or not, but I suspect that if he pressurized that head and seen air bubbles, that might have been what prompted Dan Hart to slice that head, to see where they were coming from.

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Well, I have an a87 head that needs some serious cleaning/machining etc.




I suppose for now I will be keeping my L16 depending on what machining the a87 will cost, I have a few Datsun blocks but I don't want to build an engine right now in the least-


Any idea's on what machining this head would cost?


This is my daily so any "fix-it" idea's will be considered-

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A87 still got the 210 cam. No one asks for a L18 cam, they ask for a L20 cam.


210/A87 have "210" cast into the cam.


The L20 cams have nubs in the center, I think to be able to turn the cam with a wrench.


I have always heard, shove a U67 cam into a closed A87 for a good head.

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So what's the CR with an A87 open chamber head on a L16?

Is this a closed or open head?


First thing that we need to know is if this head in the photo above is open or closed, it's so dirty I can't tell.

If it is indeed an open head, then it needs to be rebuilt, and you need a new/good L20b cam, that cam is rusted beyond use.

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