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Ratsun's pay it forward thread

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I have some 510 wagon rear/side window glass that needs a good home. I have both sides and I think a good hatch glass too. I also have a set of 510 two door rear wing windows, still in the frames that I'd be happy to pay forward :thumbup:

I'll ship any of this, but I'd charge you for a bag of foam peanuts, to protect em'. I know... that's asking a lot :rofl:

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Well I got my new EVO Recaros today so the Honda seats that came with my 510 are up for grabs


The driver seats only likes to lean back kinda far and the slider is jammed up. Im sure with some love you could fix it. The Passenger seat is in good mechanical condition


both look like crap but are better than sitting on a milk crate (or milk crates)


They are free for pickup in Temecula CA 92591






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I have 2 rebuildable carb's If anyone wants to pay shipping. One's a stock Hitachi the others a weber 32/34

Hey i know it has been awhile since you posted this but do you still happen to have the Weber carb and do you have the adapter

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