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Hey guys and gals. I've been lurking here for months--reading, searching, learning--and thought I'd finally introduce myself and my truck and get a little more involved. I am a car/truck guy with a reasonable amount of mechanical and autobody ability and enjoy turning my own wrenches and fixing up my old junk. I like square type body styles like first-gen S10's, I think diesel is a great thing, and as I get older I find I prefer a clean, nearly stock-looking vehicle with subtle mods like a small lift on a 4x4 or a late model option on an older truck.


My parents had a handful of Datsuns when I was a kid, including an '81 210 wagon, a late 70's car that I can barely remember, a '77 620 KC, and my favorite, a '78 620 4x4. I always wanted a 620 or earlier model truck, and after spending so much time on this site, the 510's sure are growing on me. Not that it's easy to find a decent one around here.


Anyway, my truck:






This is what it looked like when I bought it. It's a solid '79 L20B four speed and I gave $600 for it. It runs good and the tires are new, plus it has another (better) tailgate and the stock wheels, also with new tires, in the bed. The wheels are from a Toyota FJ, and while they don't have the class of a white steelie, they look alright to me. The mirrors will have to go.


I've done a few things to it, like new exhaust, power Camry seats, Weber, new dizzy, new carrier bearing, valve adjustment and a fresh coat of primer to make it all one color, but I'll save the details for a build thread when I get into it. I also bought a well-hacked parts truck for $250 that was bound for the crusher but has a rebuilt motor, five speed trans, sliding backglass, good hood and that part of the bedside that's missing on mine.


Moar oics?








The wiring needs attention and the body has a good number of dents and some surface rust, but no holes except a few small ones on the bedsides where they are easy to fix. I have full access to my dad's bodyshop, where I worked for a couple years, and I plan to make a pretty nice ride out of this truck. Hmm..should I tag and drive it while I work on it? Probably.


As sharp as the lowered 620's are, mine will not be a lowrider (gasp!), but I will set the front down a little. It looks like someone cranked it up a bit for some reason. And I will be keeping an eye out for parts for an SAS because I get a swift semi when I see a 4x4 620.


Thanks for reading! Comments, questions, criticism welcome.




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So here's the parts truck grill. It really isn't anything nice up close. Lurka, if you really want it it's yours but it's pretty cheesy.






Interesting that I have (verified) a 4.375 rear in a '79 4-speed MT, which isn't listed as an option on the FAQ page. There is no sign of it ever being an auto truck, and the hood--and therefore the sticker--appear original. Sure doesn't like the highway, but my parts truck has a 5-speed and a 4.11, and it's getting swapped soon.




The parts truck also has nice seats, and they fold flat with cup holders and storage in the back. The Camry seats are nice because they are electric, but they are from a four-door and don't tilt forward at all. That and the driver seat will always be all the way back anyway unless the wifey is driving it, and I haven't decided if I'm going to let her do that or not.




Here is more of the PO's handywork, again better from a distance:



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That's what I call a 30 foot grill job.

Did they cut tat thing with a torch? I could make it look nice.

I like the bumper though.


Your parts truck looks like it was already a parts truck and somebody went at it with beer and a torch.


Right? It does look like it was cut with a torch. The grill, dash, bumper, air dam and tailgate (not shown but just as spectacular) are all hacked out of the same thin sheetmetal. He also did some rust repair and painted it, but it looks like porch enamel rolled on with 3/4" nap. There are structural pieces that are beyond reasonable repair now, like the door pillars. Drove it home though, with a good number of desirable parts.

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Any update on this?


I swapped the engine and five-speed from the parts truck, and I was scouring CL for axles and a transfer case for a 4x4 conversion.  Then I found a nice '84 4x4 chassis that has been in a barn for a year or so but was running when the seller bought it for the bed.  It's in good shape and I got it for $100.  I would prefer a solid axle for a trail rig, but this is going to be my daily driver, so I think the IFS will give me a better ride on the road.




I will post a build thread once I get a chance to start--hopefully in the next couple weeks.

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