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240Z parts for sale

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Hey Guys I have some pretty nice Z parts for sale. Here's a list with prices.


1. 15' Panasport wheels w/ tires 600.00 SOLD!

2. R200 rearend 3:90 Gears with all the hardwhare to instal. 250.00 SOLD!

3. Lower valance and corner pieces 200.00 for the green set. 100.00 for the primered center piece.

4. 240Z floor mats brand new 80.00. These are 90.00 from Motorsport. I never used them.

5. 240Z BRA 60.00 these are 110.00 from Motorsport. It's in good condition with a black smudge on the #'s.

6 280Z Hubcaps a set of six 80.00.

7. Set of 240Z Hubcaps from 72-73 100.00

8. I have a full polyurethane bushing set for a 240Z 180.00 brand new!

9. Newer alternator and regulator for a 73 240Z. Used it for about 300 miles and removed for an alternator upgrade 50.00 for the set.

10. Cloth dash cover 15.00

11. two 73 air cleaners 15.00 each. I just need to get rid of these or they're going to the scrapper.

12. Full Gauge cluster for a 240Z 100.00.

13. Front bumper overide bar 50.00

14. Metal headlight buckets I have two sets they'll be sold in sets. 100.00 for one set and 75.00 for the other set. The cheaper one has a couple of tabs missing on one of the buckets.


I have more parts but these are the things im listing for right now. I have a bunch of misc things here and there. I will not ship parts so if you want something you need to come get it! im in San Diego, thanks











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