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510 Prop Valve w/ ZX Bmc question


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EDIT: Just found my answer.. http://community.ratsun.net/topic/38916-proportioning-on-510-with-zx-frot-brake-and-240sx-rear/




Hey. Recently did zx brakes up front, plan on doing the maxima disc or similar in the rear.

Currently looking into getting a 79 zx Brake master and was wondering if i should keep the stock 510 "Proportioning Valve".

I have heard here and there that it is simply just a splitter. Should i be using something different? or an aftermarket prop valve?





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I understand they are already proportioned, but the bmc only has a nipple for front and rear, no? so a splitter is still needed,


true. you do need to split them.


which i have been lead to believe is all that the 510s "Prop valve" actually is.. Anyways, i guess ill plumb it up again and hopefully have no bias issues.


false. with an internally proportioned BMC the bias is pre-set with a "break point" front to back. you would only need to split those 2 circuits from side to side.

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