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Just wanted to introduce myself. I am a current Porsche 911 owner that is interested in Datsuns. I will be honest, I don't know much about the cars, but that is why I joined. Have owned a couple heavily modified S2000s in the past, so I have some modern JDM experience. Mostly interested in finding a nice 510 or 610. I plan on going through the old threads and FS posts to get an idea where the market is and find out exactly what I am looking for. Anyway, look forward to spending some time here.



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Thanks for the compliments. It has taken a long time to get it where it is now. I did most of the interior myself, but had the paint and body work done by a pro. In the brief time I have spent here, I have seen some pretty impressive builds. Whether is is a Porsche, Datsun, or Yugo....if you like it, and spent the time wrenching on it (despite the protests from the wifey), you can hold your head high.


I will be honest.......it was the 610 on Bring a Trailer that finally made me serious about my Datsun search. I sold my 1958 MGA on BaT, and I bought my 911 on there. I am a car guy, and as long as it is interesting, I don't care who made it.

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