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79 810 coupe rebuild

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I have finally gotten my first of two 79 2dr 810's going and am in the process of making a daily driver out of her. I am looking forward to learning alot and becoming a part of this community " even though I feel that there aren't many Datsun people in south AL". If you had one you were doing would you redo the exterior or the interior first after the mechanicls. Thanks guys and I am glad to finally have something to talk about on here.


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pics....of everything lol, engine, interior, body, suspension....you'll find we like pictures a lot on this forum haha.


also, badass cars, I want an 810 coupe so damn bad but I've only been seeing dimes trucks and z's around me, not too many of the more obscure models left lyin around i guess. that said, keep those cars forever lol

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Damn I'm so jelly your so lucky to have 2 of them I know of one 810 coupe out there on CL on the east coast and only seen one a while back with an old lady driving it.


Well depending on your needs with the cars I would do the body first and then suspension, brakes, & engine/transmission.


Please more pics!!! :D

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The car is at the shop getting a a new Radiator, water pump, and exhaust manifold, and then I am hopping we can get a new suspension system and I am wanting to do the 280zx rearend swap and disc brake conversion and then straighten the body and get it primed for paint then I want to completly redo the interior.

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Also I am always watching CL and ebay for these I want a good wagon one and I will buy every 2 door I can find. My Dad had one when I was a kid and I feel in love with it then so I want to save as many as I can.

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How long did you have the brown one for? I'm sure I seen that one for sale on CL.


Go look at junkyards for some reason these rare Datsuns end up there especially wagons I tried to save one a few weeks ago but i was too late and the yard had crushed it :( .


I been looking for one for years ever since i saw a 2 door I wanted one especially a wagon.


Also 280zx's are everywhere I'd look more for 81-83 most in that year had the R200 3.90 or 3.54 rear ends with CV axles which is pretty much bolt on to the 2 door coupe and 4 door sedans.


Idk where your at but here's one in Fresno, California it's got front end damage but I'm sure good for parts.



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I have had the brown for 3 years I found it in Arkansas got it for $200 but it doesn't run and has several dents on the passenger side, and some cancer as wellto be fixed. I will be restoring it once my silver one is done. And I plan to find all the junkyards here and I will be going through them like crazy.

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Oh I seen a similar brown one someone was selling on CL for months but it was too far from me.


3.73 are nice I think even the 81-84 maximas had the same. I love to see some turbocharged L24E there some on HybridZ.org I think like 3-4 for are on that site including some members with maximas.


Here's another 810 in Wisconsin.


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no such thing as to far I shipped the silver one from Arizona to Alabama paid $400 for the car and shipped it for $700 lol and drove to get the brown one from Arkansas lol. I used to see a white wagon all over the place but I was broke when the guy had it up for sell I wanted it bad.

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