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Another "new to forum" thread...


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Hi, My name is Kitty and I am (obviously) new to the forum. I have been a Datsun admirer since I was in high school, and feel it's about time for me to follow the desire to kick it up from a looker to owner. So I've been sifting between craigslist and here for near about a year now, saving a little cash from my low paying bicycle mechanic job, and looking for a good deal. There are a lot of great finds here and there on craigslist, but its here on the ratsun forums that I find people offering great finds with great prices, as well as a warm community and a wealth of knowledge. Which makes this forum a far more viable and reassuring place be looking for a datsun. Anyways, before I make this a super long paragraph, I'll get to the point.

I'm looking to buy either a 510, 510 wagon, or truck. At this point of time most preferably a truck. I prefer the idea of something pre 75 so I don't have to worry about smog check in Ca.I like the shape of the 620s. I would like something running, as I've never worked on a car, but I'm also looking to learn on how to work cars in the long run. I figure a datsun is a good place to start, I hear maintenance can be easier than newer cars which have elcectronics and such. My budget currently is 1500, which is negotiable, but I am pretty poor, so I'm looking for a good deal. I know with such little cash whatever I get is not gonna be perfect, but as long as it isn't super expensive to fix or is mild cosmetic stuff, I'm pretty game.


I live in oakland,ca, and main problem is a lot of the good finds are stick, and I have yet to learn how to drive a manual transmission. More so, I can't find a friend whocan drive stick who would come with me to check something out. Anyways, I feel as if I'm pandering, I'll cut this down


WTB 510, 510 wagon or 520, 521,620, running condition, 1500, give or take a couple hundred.


Thanks for reading!

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