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Shut up and take my money (watanabes, mirrors, etc)

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  • Looking to purchase a PAIR of watanabe type B rims. 14 inches by either 6/6.5/ or 7 inch widths
    I dont care about the condition just as long as they are round and hold air and can be fixed up
    ex. photo2-9.jpg
  • fender mirrors. let me know what you have and price

  • Stiffer springs in the rear instead of my stock springs, i still want it to sit low
    or if you have a suggestion on what I can drop in the rear, any input would be greatly appreciated

  • rubber bumps for the hood ( i think there should be some in my car casue my hood shakes to much)


PM me if you have anything on the above list you are willing to part with and maybe we can work something out. thank you

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