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Anyone know much about the 71' 521 clutch?


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Think my clutch just took a shit. Driving from my place to my dads (about a 5 min drive) and by the time I got there, the pedal would go straight to the floor without any resistance and I couldn't get it into gear for the life of me. Gears would grind and I would have to force them in. Any info on where I could possibly get new parts would be great!! :)

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What neutral safety switch? None of the four 521's I have (at least parts of) had a neutral safety switch.


Learn to drive it with out the clutch. This is how. Start normally, with the clutch in first gear. When you are ready to shift to second, back off the throttle slightly, and pull out of first gear, to neutral, and let the engine slow down to the RPM it needs to be to match the speed in second gear. Then put it in second. Accelerate in second, and shift to third, like you did from first to second. Do the same for fourth gear.

Slowing down, give the engine some throttle, to take the coasting load off the transmission. Then rev the engine to the speed it should be for the next lower gear. Again, when the speed matches the engine RPM needed, it will go into the next lower gear.


Practice this before you lose your clutch. When your clutch quits disengaging, do this.


Start it in neutral, warm it up. Turn off the engine. Start the engine in 1st, or reverse, and drive, because you now know how to shift without the clutch.

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Daniel is good.

Ive had to do this 2 times from seattle nite clubbing.


Lucky I just went to the free way and drove all the way home.



71datsun put fluid in the master and pump. See if fluid is comming out at the slay or look in bake of the master cyl inside the truck for leaks there also.


PS buy a brake nut wrench that fits(if doing master cyl). Its worth it and use anti seize , Dont be a cheap fucker and round that nut off. I think 521s are 11mm. unlike 510s which are 10.

craftman make some good ones

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