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My new Toy 72' 510 4DR


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i already did a good tune up on her, and we put the wheels off my buddies 240sx on it,

its an auto with a believe 152k miles, the car has little to no rust underneath unlike my

old 280zxt i used to own...


the interior is almost flawless except for a small rip in the driver seat and one dash

crack dead center, i am sure its been asked alot but if anyone knows where i can

get 2 front fenders that would be greatly appreciated haha


my plans for the car is to sr20det swap it, but thats far down the road for now i am

going to bomb around in it and scour the forums for some cool diy mods, the only issue

i have is the front is sitting like a tonka truck with all that fender gap, i did some searching

and it seems like the only options i have is to cut the springs or do something with

that little round mount the srping sits on? could anyone shed some light on this, or

maybe post a link, because, the car looks stupid chilling that high haha tia

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Welcome to the forum and good to see your going to drive it ,, here`s your ONE free link for joining...it`s asking about b210 in thread but methods are almost exactly the same,, as you will see in the responses...If you get hung up just post ,, here in your build thread,, (( with pictures )) and someones bound to help.





If you want to find every single subject related to your 510 ,,, just Google question then put in the title ratsun at the end ...search function at top isn`t real good..

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ok thanks for my one free noob link haha, i like the offset of these wheels,

the back like "naturally lowered" and gained a hair of camber and sits



i guess my only concern with the split collar method is, wont it slip or

crush the strut tightening it too hard?? youre trusting the weight and bouncing

of the front of the vehicle on a tiny little friction stop? i guess it seems sketchy,

does anyone who has done it have any input on it before i go hacking away haha

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I've had a u-bolt muffler clamp holding the bottom spring perch on for over two years and just switched to the split collar when I went with coilovers. No problems.

Get some 280zx struts, it'll help suck in those front wheels. And front fenders are probably the easiest thing to find for a 510. I really hate when people jump right for the SR swap, maybe it's cause I've never driven a car like an SR 510. Or maybe cause I don't see a need for that much power. Glad to see you're going to embrace the L for a bit tho. Good looking dime.

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I was kinda skeptical of the clamps at first also,, but having used them on a couple cars now,, I wouldn`t worry about the clamps at all,,,not one bit... The clamps can be moved up and down the strut to figure out exactly how low ( or not ) you want to go ,, kinda like very low budget coil overs,, and you could always remove and weld a ring in, later if you want.


Like TheDatside mentioned i have seen the muffler clamp method hold just fine also ,, it just doesn`t have as clean a look..

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well i guess i will give it a shot haha, what sucks is i just replaced

the rear struts but... my rear springs are still pretty tired, the car

barely leans to the drivers side and the drivers side tire rubs if i turn

or hit a bump fast, so i am going to have to figure something out back

there as well


i am going to drive the little l16 probably for a couple years,

the auto tranny shifts great and the little guy has decent power

for being neglected for a couple years, my car does leak

gas by the accelerator pump i believe, i think i am going to

look for a weber conversion to get by, the car lugs down really

bad when getting back on the gas like its loading up, the po

had the idle all the way out and the jet all the way up to

"keep it idling", i leaned out the jet and raised the idle and now

it idles perfect, just has that bad hesitation when slowing down

then getting back on the gas... so weber may be a must


thanks for the insight on the slip collars, i think i need to guy find

a donor zx and read up more about swapping the struts,

my brakes suck and the front is just too high haha

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Split collars are rated to hold 6k pounds.......... each. Definitely won't slip and definitely won't crush the strut. If you think about it, there really isn't that much weight on those split collars.


The tires rub because those wheels have too much offset. Red wheels got to go though... this is a Datsun not a Honda ;)

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its got just right offset haha i love the way it looks,

it literally barely rubs and only on the drivers side


even better i am getting a free 280zx 5spd parts

car, with an extra l28 out of a 76' z, that i know

runs cause i pulled it out of a running 280...


so zx srtuts and brakes coming soon haha, ill post

pictures of it once i get the front down, and am considering

rolling the back fenders a little more for the back, where

can i get patch panels for the front fenders??? i have

googled my life away the past couple days and tried

searching on here but i am terrible at searchs,

id rather just replace the front 2 though

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I just cant see how the back tires dont rub when lowered or a hard pull.


if your not going to lower it


I vote stock Hubacaps ! Anybosy else????????




In case you youngins don't understand; I agree with banzi....

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The last fender I found was on cl and he wants 300.00 for it. The fender has that "bumper strip" on it. Donk know if it's riveted on or glued on. Seems like all the fenders I find have fiberglass bubble flares. I saw the patch panels being advertised on this forum as well on eBay. Guess I will look harder for a pair of fenders.

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i made a make shift coilover setup for now so the tires dont rub anymore,

i am going to make a final setup next check and put on some pictures...


im trying to sell my miata to this guy but he wants to trade a rhd 280zx,

the car doesnt start he said its a computer problem, the car was

imported in 84 by some old lady in colorado, my issue is i have

a running miata with a full 1.8 drivetrain swap plus lsd all with

50k on it, do you think the trade is worth it? personally i want cash

too because my car runs fine, the zx doesnt start...


any advice or words of wisdom, idk if i want another project when

i just got the lil 510, but a us legal rhd does seem pretty cool....

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i asked for a 1000 on top and he said he'll see what he can do,

i have had 3 miatas and i am over them, it was fun the first go

around, if it doesnt run i will use the zx parts car i am getting

and try to get it to run, then probably sell it


on a side note my insurance card is awesome haha check it out:


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