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1980 510 liftback 0-60 time?


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Just curious if anybody had a rough estimate of a 1980 datsun 510 with a 3 speed auto. 0-60 time, or if they had a link. and if they had the top speed.


i know it weighs about 2200 pounds and the z20 had 88hp from the factory.


thanks, Jalen

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In other words the cat is super slow. And hitting 60 in about 400 feet is impossible


Depends if you care or not. I have an L18 auto 710 and it's a blast to drive. Get's lots of looks, some confused like trying to remember something.... others with thumbs up. I would rock an A10.


A cars 1/4 mile and 400 ft times is an unfair way to judge them.

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