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510 diff mount

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Im building a 510 race car here in the UK. The new diff mount rubbers I have are allowing the diff to move up and down by about 1/2 an inch, which in turn knocks out my camber settings. Should the mounting bracket be tight to the chassis when bolted up?

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Are you refering to the rear crossmember mounting points? I think the original mounting design did allow some movement for ride comfort. There are a couple of options to remove this loosenes. Some members do this Savage washer modification below to remove most of the slack. Other members run polyurethane or solid aluminum bushings.



Solid bushings from Design products racing - http://dpracing.co/5...Suspension.html



Savage washer modification - http://datsun510.com...arison&cat=3215





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I'm guessing you mean the Mustache bar bushings? I looked into several diff bushing options (poly , rubber, ect.) I ended up making my own out of a blown tire I had using two hole saws. I traced the mustache bar washer out on a tire with a silver sharpy, cut the center hole out with a small hole saw bit and then cut the outer out with a larger bit to end up with a multi-layer rubber doughnut. They have been in for several years now and hold firm! Sorry for the crappy old cell pics:





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