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Trying to fin a value and a buyer for a 1965 Datsun 1200 60 hp

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I have pics but I don't know how to post them

Runs and drives clean title very little rust

All original total rebuilt engine

Owen by same family for over thirty years

Any help posting pics would be great


I sent you an email to the email address posted above and it failed, it's says it's no good.

Send me your photos and I will post them.





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It's a 320 Mike, I'm pretty sure. There are only a handful of clean ones in this area. Anyway, Timmy, give me a call if you want an objective opinion on what it's worth. I work at Dishman NAPA in the valley. 5O9-928-8O8O, or just run it by there, I'll be working Sat/Sun this weekend. That's the store number, so I won't answer if you call now. ;)

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The problem is finding out what other 320s have recently sold for. You can easily find out what sellers are asking (search Google) but not what they actually sold for (or even if they sold).


I'd guess $2500. Higher if you put it on eBay. They are not common in that good of shape, so who knows?

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Yep, I know that truck. You know Chris down on Cleveland right? Anyway, truck is a very nice condition 320. Doesn't look all rusted out, but as any Datsun nut can tell you lift up the carpet and check under the floorboards. Assuming no rust, you should be able to get $1500-$2000 for it in this area. If bad rust, I'd say $800-$1500.


If you drove it to California or Seattle, you could argue a much higher premium, probably in the $2000-$3000 range. Without close inspection, that's my guess.

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To give you an idea, I sold my not as rare, but still rare 1972 521 in easily as good of condition with 83,000 original verifiable miles on it on ebay a few years back for $1750. Guy flew up from California and drove it back home. Your 320 is rarer, but also smaller and harder to get parts for. Collectors and Datsun nuts may like this, but many other will balk at not being able to walk in and get parts like they can for a '55 Chevy.


And when I say rare, I mean rare for decent condition. Though yours is rare on both counts as 320s aren't around much.

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