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Old Kawasaki revival.

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So I was cruising through the country in my datto with my little bro when he pointed out an old motorcycle on the side of the road in front of an abandoned house. On the way back it was still there. I had to get out and check it out. It was an old Kawasaki dirtbike, and it is TRASHED (good match for my truck). The grass was growing up behind it. The only thing good on it was tires and a new spark plug. I figure it was left for dead. I turned the switch on and kicked it. It started right up! Made some nasty noises though. I think the clutch is fired, or the trans, or both. Could not get the back tire to roll. Anyways, I scribbled out a note with my name and phone number saying if they wanted it back to call me and I would deliver it to them, then proceeded to load it into the truck. Should I have taken it? Probably not. But around here it was destined to be taken. At least I left a note, right? Anyways. Pics coming soon.



Before you scrutinize me please know that anything in a ditch here is considered trash for pickup. I'm doing as much as I can to return it to a possible owner.

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There are simple salvage laws here. I left my info with the neighbors, one is a deputy, and at the scene. Putting a sign in my yard. And posting ad on craigslist. If no one claims it then it is mine. That is how a friend of mine got his 300zx. It sat on the side of I85 for 6 days and he towed it home one night. Advertised it, no one claimed it. After 30 days he got a salvage title for 100$ It had a bunch of trash in the fuel system, not sure if he still has it.

The road it was on is on the way to the scrapyard. It would be in the scrap pile in the morning. You leave a vehicle overnight around here and it will be stripped on the spot.

So yes, I took it. And if someone ask for it back, they will get it.

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I went back to leave a yard sign where the bike was and the truck that I saw full of scrap was pulling out of the ditch as I was pulling up! I knew that sumbitch would come back to take it! I pulled up and got out to place the sign when a man on a moped pulled up. I asked him if he was looking for the bike and he told me it was his boss mans and the rear wheel locked up so he pulled it into the ditch. He hopped in the datsun and we rode down to my place and picked the bike up. He was glad I took it and thanked me for getting it out of the ditch :thumbup:

He bought my holley double pumper and he's coming by tomorrow to look at my boat.


Everything happens for a reason.





ISO 70's Kawasaki :rofl:

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Close enough! :thumbup:


When we went to drop it off they had so many toys!

4 wheelers

Kawasaki factory mini street bikes :confused:

A pair of Schwinn electric scooters with a frame welded between them and 4 car batteries :thumbup:

A chevy luv with an LS3

Everything else...


The guy does great custom work. Found somebody to hang with and learn a few things!

All because I took a bike from a ditch.

Hopefully he'll buy my boat tomorrow and I'll have more datto monies

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