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The hopeful 510


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Well here we go been lurking the forum for 4 years now decided to finally start posting on here. I own 2 510s both 4 doors both still need work one more then the other. So might as well start with the car i just picked up in august. Its a pretty good base to start with and i should know my last 510 i had to replace like the whole floor pan not fun. Barely any rust at all on this one pretty clean one major issue someone try to fix an accident in the front and welded a new chunk on the car that i would like to redo but that shouldnt be a big deal.Here some pictures i know we love the pictures










i love how clean it looks under the undercoating glad theres no rust



friend was messing around took a cool shot of both my 510s



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Some of the tiger stripe creases are factory on all 510's. That's just how they bent the metal. If I was you I'd just clean up the welds, maybe do a bit of re-welding, and some hammering, but leave it all there. It's already really close, there's no sense in ripping it all apart and starting over. Replacing a chunk like that is not an easy task. Trust me, I've done it.

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What kind of power plant are you thinking for the green machine? if you been lurking for four years, i'd say you'd have a good idea on what you'll be looking for.

Yea ive built an sr wagon before so this will get one. i want to make this like a show car just really clean and done right. It will take some time so somethings might change

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well today was a good day got a 2 door dropped off for future project. This is the only pic of it

i got right now



Today was also the swap meet for az datsun folks so picked up a few items





Then had an hour or so to work on the 510. Cleaned out the inside and started to strip the deadener that we all know is harmful to our datsuns causing rust.







Should probably finish up tomorrow and start to tear the dash out we'll see how it goes

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