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'76 s30 Shell Going to Scrap: What Do You Need

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Car still has most of the engine, the 4spd tranny and an EXTRA 4spd tranny, and the r200 intact.


I'm keeping the wheels and MSA springs.


Anybody need me to cut up some quarter panels for repairs? Car is very surface rusty but not cancery. Sat in Georgia sun for last 15 years.


I'm willing to bust out the cuttoff wheel and plasma cutter if you need something. All panels straight—fenders have a lot of surface rust but no holes. Could be brought back with some sandblasting.


Let me know what you want, if anything. Going to leave this up here for about a week. Cheap stuff: I'll just charge $25/hour to hack on this mofo + shipping.


CAR/ME in Charlotte NC. Come strip what you want if you're close.















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MISC item of interest (maybe)


- both front grills, bolts just rusted on

- rear tail lite panel

- speedo and tach still in the dash

- anyone up for a roof reskin? kill that sunroof of yours?

- front fenders (with work)

- driver's floorboard...if you're desparate



Big stuff

- L28 complete, tin 90% complete

- (2) 4spd trans with shifters (one liberated)

- r200

- driveshaft


- Still have a title, original owners manual, and all the VIN plates...you know...for a collector...



Just trying to be helpful before this thing finally leaves the driveway. Ashes to Ashes...

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