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Datsun D21 fog light questions and install.


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So I have a set of fog lights to put on the hardbody. I know the Pathfinders came with fog lights as an option, they're going in the same spot. However, does anyone know if the truck ever came stock with a fog light option? It seems the wiring harnesses of the Pathfinders are pretty different. Like windshield wiper delay. The Pathy has a separate wiring harness and control box for that option, whereas the truck never got that. Rather annoying, but seemed like more pain in the ass to put in than it's worth.


Anyway, I doubt the truck came stock with fog lights, and further doubt there is any leftover wiring for them. But, in case someone else has probed and found information contrary to that position, I'd like to know!

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Interesting! I found a relay connector that is live with ignition on, which would serve for fog lights. But then, if it's 94+, then I doubt that's what it's actually for because I'll bet the wiring harness for it isn't there. It's definitely not down at the bumpers. I have one light mounted now, ran out of time to modify the plastic housing on the other side. I'll do that tomorrow. Looking pretty good so far. Figured I'll get them mounted first, then see if I can find any factory pieces left to run the fog lights. If not, I'll just do my own connection like I did for the electric fans.

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I've seen a few in the junkyards that had fog lights. I'm pretty sure they didn't come from the factory with them though. They may have been dealer installed. Where they trimmed the bumper finishers didn't look clean. But there are little caps that go over the cut ends. I'll take some pics of what I have later. The pathfinders I've seen with them DID look like factory installed stuff but I could be wrong. I had a 94 pathy with them but never bothered to check.


I've had the stuff to put foglights on my 97 HB for MONTHS now and have been being lazy. As driven as I was to get them I've not been driven to install them.

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Well, I finally got them both mounted and the power wire ready from them. And then I ran out of time. Going to have to wait until the weekend. I was going to wire it to the headlight for the go source to the relay, but then realized that only worked for low beams. And high beams switch to the other prong. So I would need two separate relays to ensure the fog lights would run for either low or high beams. That is certainly doable, but I may just put a switch in for simplicity's sake.


The other odd thing is the high beam still has .005 load when the low beams are on. Noticed it with the test light barely glowing on the high circuit, whereas nothing on the low side. Can anyone tell me why there would be residual voltage when probing the high beam side to the ground across from it on a standard H4 connector?

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Woohoo! Finally got the fog lights installed. Took me long enough. And I hooked up the relay backward so promptly blew the taillight fuse. Fixed that, then realigned the lights as they were pointing way too far down.


I have pics but I'm out getting food and have a first meeting with a Japanese chick off of match.com so wish me luck fellas! I'll post fog lift oics when I get back.

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Alright, oics as promised!! And Regy and Cam stopped by, some pics of them and Regy's new Corona wagon. I know it's a Toyota, but hey, it's still cool and rocking Datsun hubcaps. :) And my date went well with the Japanese chick! And she's not a tranny! :D













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So here's one for you.  The new foglights cracked.  Lenses.  Right down the middle.  Within a month.  Get another set.  One side cracked last night.  I realize water crossings are always a hazard, but is there anyway to prevent this from happening?  I've considered running a lower wattage bulb.  The things put out some heat, so I'm guessing me + water crossings = glass lens cracking.  The new set of bulbs (whole assembly) have been in there less than a month.  Really irritating.

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I install canopies at work on trucks. We had a customer come back on warranty for a side window breaking. He took it through the carwash, decided it was dirty, and ran it through a second time. The second time cracked the glass.


Temp differences can do a lot.


That said, I have never had a PIAA light come back from being cracked (besides the occasional rock impacts)

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Haha, was talking to Dad, hells yeah!  Suggested an LED bulb.  I'm like, how come I didn't think of that?  Thanks Dad!  Looking online for H3 fog light bulbs in LED, found a few, trying to decide which online vendor.  Anyone order from carid? Or light in the box.com?

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An LED that is actually bright enough to put light down, will burn super hot.


I have a 740 Lumen LED that I use on my bike, I made it myself. I made the housing out of copper (plumbing stuff), to help pull heat away. It cannot be used in stationary spots, as it gets so hot. Too hot to keep on for 5 minutes in your hand. But the wind while riding a bike cools it off.



Stay away, if it has more than 3 diodes.

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If it's the same 55w in LED it should still burn colder than the regular halogen bulb right?  I tested the lights when they were running, I actually couldn't put my hand on the fogs with them on for more than a split second.  They put out some major heat.  I'm thinking this will be an improvement.

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Im just gonna say this.


The ones you bought, are going to be dismal at best.


They will be cool, but not bright.



The other thing to know about LEDs, Wattage means nothing.


With LEDs its all about efficiency.


I would try a bulb that mentions the brand CREE in it. CREE makes decent LEDs.

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Lol, fawwwwkkkk!!  Well fine then.  At least dim will be better than bright as hell that crack lights.  If these don't work at all then I'm yanking the fogs out.  No point in having them if they're going to crack and look shitty every two weeks.


So what does the other stuff say on there?  The 3528?  That mean something or just gibberish?

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Its something to do about the LED itself.


Ah, 3.5x2.9mm. Dimensions!


Next step up for common China mass produced LEDs are 5050s (5x5mm)



But really, never buy an LED without knowing how many Lumens it outputs.


Lumens are not the same as Candle light power.


It is said a standard car headlight (say a 9006 bulb) is about 1000-1100 lumens.


Lumens is the amount of light output. Now some are going to be brighter than others, but that is from how the light is directed.

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Trying out the cancel order feature of the website.  Figured I stand a good chance seeing as they won't try to process the order until Monday.  Worst case it may hold my 31 bucks until they get around to refunding it.  Going to visit paypal and see if I can't stop that transaction at the moment.  Nope.  But we'll see what happens.


Did some digging.  The 5w LED bulbs there might produce anywhere from 80-210 lumens.  Something else online said 9004s make 700 lumens on low beam, so yeah, not near bright enough.  May get some KC foglights, I'll call and ask them about freezing water hitting them.  Figure if freezing water can hit the H6054 bulbs and not burn them out, there has to be a tougher smaller version that can hack it.  Roaming the internet it seems to be a common problem.  Would have thought our lighting version would have been tough enough, but apparently not.


Of course, it is 30 degrees water hitting the hot fog lense.  Still, regular bulbs can take it, so wtf Batman!?

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Got a new set of lights.  Figuring it's going to do the same thing, I bought two 35w H3 halogen bulbs, going to put one in to see how much dimmer it is.  May run those if it's not too bad.  Should keep the heat down a bit more, thinking that might keep the lenses from cracking.

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