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Jammed 521 window


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Well... I always loved the 521 window setup because unlike the Z, it's straight up and down, and you don't have to worry about lining up guides so it doesn't bind up or anything.


Hah, my window is binding up now. I think its something in the crank system. I roll her down and every time the handle is in the 9 o'clock position, on the way down, it makes a thud. On the way up, in the same position (the handle rotates through 9 o'clock twice), the window gets jammed. It won't go up until you lift on the glass. I can move the glass/arms in the door just fine by hand, and I checked the guides for clogs, nothing wrong in there. I check if maybe my door opener rod was catching on the window, nope. It sounds like its the cranking mechanism, particularly the gear that the handle is attached to since it happens at the same point according to the handle.


This problem just randomly started happening. The other side works flawlessly and smooth. Mine use too! Any thoughts?


Here is a 1 minute video of the situation:



Thanks for your time.

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Before condemning the window crank assembly, try spraying a silicone lube in the window tracks. Does the window wobble around? if it does, sometimes the window will twist slightly in the tracks, and jam. By adjusting the front window track to the rear, you remove some sloppy fit, and the window actually slides up and down better.

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had the same problem with mine during the summer if i let the window down too fast, it would bind up. but everytime i would just lower it back down and go back up slow and it would work. i am also interested in what you come up with

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My windows rattle when theyre down.

510(70ish) window channel felt will fix it.

So will datsun roadster(66-70) felt, but it's expensive.


so will 70s mazda/ford window rubber. i pulled some at a jy once and there was a 521 in the yard to i tried it in it and it fit perfect so thats what im runnin in my doors right now

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I'm gentle with mine. I put generic felt on three sides and a rubber strip across the top so I can keep the rain and wind out. When rolled down though, my window rattles too. It rattles at the bottom, inside the door. Both windows in my truck can flop around pretty bad when rolled down. I'd say its between the window and that cross beam in the door. All that rubber that held the outer door shell to the beam on the inside, and consequently all the window felt and rubber, is long gone somewhere in the bottom of the door. Unrelated to the window issue, I was told I could fill the gap between the beam and the outer shell with that foam spray "Great Stuff" I think it is, that you would spray around outside faucets on your house.


Daniel, I will try lubing the guides but I was under the impression that they were not adjustable. I don't see any slotted areas for the bolts to move, its all set permanently which was why I was all "woooohoooo I don't have to wrestle with this shit" since the window goes straight up and down. Likewise ever since I took about my Z door, I was never able to get it to roll nicely without the front lagging or whatever.




Not surprisngly, the position of the window crank, where it binds, is the same position when the window is all the way up. I'm suspicious if I may have forced it up too hard and broken a tooth off. According to the manual all I need to do is get the one lever arm off the glass, the glass drops down into the door, and I can then pull the regulator out. Or maybe I have to pull the glass out, and then the regulator. I think I saw in one of the pictures that the front guide, closest to the regulator, is also the metal support that goes between your window and the winglet? I'm apprehensive about this.

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