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720 4x4 gauges in my 521


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Here is a picture of the harness.






Daymn , them pics I took blow goats.



Im pretty sure that r/y stripe and r/b stripe are light related. I have the gauges and the first part of the harness. What do I need to hook up all of them to? I know the two light ones need to go to the lights, and one needs to come from the 4x4 sender and hook to one of them. And y/r stripe is voltage? Just tap any line? Black ground? I searched and everything seemed to tell me to find the provision on the 720 harness. Wont help me here. Probally a easy fix but dont want to mess em up. thanks for any help.



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Not sure what that is


This is a 720 oil pressure gauge wiring. (the volt meter only has 4 wires.




Red/Blue stripe........ to dash lights*

Yellow/Blue stripe..... to the gauge terminal of the oil pressure sender. (the other, Yellow/Green still goes to the red dash light)

Black........................ to ground




Yellow/Red stripe..... to #4 fuse or any ignition switched 12v supply

Red/Yellow stripe..... to other side of the dash lights*


* or just wire them 12v on one side and ground on the other from a switched supply. They will be on any time the ignition is but so what?

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Are you talking about the console gauges?

Did you get the oil pressure sensor off the block when you got/bought the gauges?

I did all of this on my 521, I had to basicly put new wires everywhere and grabbed the power for the gauges/lights from a wire that was hot when the key was on like datzenmike suggested.




This is the sensor needed to run the oil pressure gauge/light, it has the wires coming out of the rubber cover.


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