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Datsun R180 LSD for sale $400.00

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I just put a 200sx 4.11 in my z, up from a 3.54. It wasnt as drastic a difference as I thought it would be but its really fun. Talk about highway driving though mike lol. With 4.3 a person must be at like 4k to do 75. I do like 3500 @ 75 and dont mind though. Depends what you use your ride for I guess.


I have 4.11 in my xterra too. 2700@65, not TOO bad I guess. Very TQy down low on trails and towing.


Would love to feel out a 4.3 one day ;-X

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TTT...GLWS!...... :)




Sealick has an R-180 in his 510. At highway speed when you floor it in 4th, your head snaps back. That thing friggin' goes!.... has to have 4.375 to hear it rev so fast.


Yeah......has a bit of torque combined with the LZ

It even pulls strong up hills and or just 'putting around'..... in 5th gear. .. :D

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