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Just a quick Hi


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Hey Guys, Just wanted to say g'day.

Just found out about this forum from a post on datsun1200.com, im a member there under the same user name, so some of you guys may recognise me. I'm from Melbourne Australia and have a B110 station wagon.


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Not sure about the canby show yet, and i'll get some pics up as soon as the site will allow me to do so, the car is only @ project stage at this point in time. Was a one owner, until I got it for my 1st car 7 years ago. Was standard now i'm in the middle of putting together a mild A14 which i've just scored a GX intake setup for, 210 disc front end; coupe dash cluster and a rare original burgandy/red interior I managed to find. Apart from all that she'll be getting some new tyres on 13x6 globes and a fresh coat of off -white. Oh yeah, and a new headlining :)

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Nice you have you on the board. Can't wait to see some pics :D



There was a 1200 dude from Australia at my work for a couple weeks, I never got to talk to him. :( I did notice a few cool parts boxes come in our shipping area... T3 MMMHHHH

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Its no fair you guys got so many cool 1200's!! Its tuff to find the common ones here.


P.S. I edited your pics, instead of putting url in-between the [] put img then it will make them show up without having to click them :D

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Yeah we are lucky. The station wagons are extremely rare over here in oz. I've had three including this one; an i've seen maybe five or 6 others in the flesh and maybe another 5-6 on 1200.com.


I understand you guys only had the coupe, 2 door sedan and 4 door sedan in the US?

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NZDATSUNCHRIS = Cheater_5 from 1200.com?


Thats sucks; I thought you had the 4 door sedan as well.

In terms of rarity here, the ute is quite common, the sedans are pretty thin on the ground, the coupes are rare and the wagon is downright scarce. Wagon parts are getting really hard to find; especially good 2nd hand taillights. A guy paid over $AUD500 for a NOS pair on ebay last year.


The 1200 I think ranks the same in the popularity stakes here as over there - everybody is going GAGA over 510s, which is fair enough, they're an immortal datsun, but I prefer the B110.

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