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FS: 510 Stuff

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Here are some random parts for sale I found laying around my garage.


KA Pistons and Rods - $65

510 Gas petal - $15

350z Door Vent - $30

After market mirrors - $30

Early 510 Gauges - $25 Each or $40 for both

L-series Headers - $75

14" Mags - $100


Buyer pays shipping on items










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Look at the piston pins.... see those C clips? specially on #3? Those are to hold the pins in and prevent them scuffing the cylinder walls. These pins are not press fit into the rod ends but are fully floating to reduce friction. The rod ends are bushed and there is a hole for oiling.




The Hardbody rods have press in pins.




There are 2 different pistons for the 240sx single cam.


This is true for the first three months of production the pistons were at least flattop or possibly slightly domed. The compression was 9 to 1. After Sept '88 they had a 2.8cc dish and 8.5 compression through '90. I've never seen one of these early pistons.


Any chance of a picture of the piston tops?.


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