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l20b turbo


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i know there is lots of threads but i cant find any that list the parts they used..i do fab work as my job so im not concerned about cost to build it i just need to know what peices to find.. i want to do the carb turbo setup.. if anyone has a link or anything id love to see it so i can start collecting the parts =)

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If you are making all the manifolds and fabricating any one off parts...


Draw Through: turbo with waste gate, BOV, carb (can be anything) side draft probably best for ease of plumbing.


Blow Through: turbo with waste gate, BOV, IC highly recommended but up to you, stock carb will work but Weber 32/36 (or your choice of down flow carb) highly recommended for additional flow.




HEAT is a turbo motor's worst enemy. Rather than dealing with heat related problems later it's far easier to reduce the heat in the first place. Running 50% to over 200% more fuel through a motor is going to make lots of it. Count on it. The stock cooling system will absorb a heat spike from a quick buzz through a couple of gears but then will need time to shed the heat. Running continuous boost will quickly run the cylinder head and piston tops to a temp where the compression alone will fire the fuel and air by itself. This pre ignition can hole a piston in seconds and many experience no symptoms that warn of this. The cooling system will need modifications such as a larger rad, electric fans, shroud, belly pan under rad..


Oil cooler:

An excellent additional method to removing heat (oil tends to run about 100 degrees hotter than the cooling system) and at the same time extending the life of your over worked oil. Cooler oil is less likely to coke in the turbo.


Water/Alcohol Injection:

Will reduce induction air temps below ambient. Another way to reduce pre ignition on demand.


Without some kind of detonation control you will be limited to under 10 pounds of boost with hyper-eutectic pistons ( 6 to 8 for continuous boost more likely)


Larger volume oil pump.

A turbo is another load on your lubrication system. It needs a good supply of fresh oil.

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