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Suspension on 610


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So I'm fairly new to this forum, been creeping mostly just checking out other builds and tech stuff. I have a 73 datsun 610 and have been looking into suspension options. I have my fronts sorted out, I'm just going to be running the t3 front coilovers for the 510 (if you want to see what I'm talking about here's the link : https://technotoytun...x-strut-casings ) along with there 610 camber plates : https://technotoytun...ates-datsun-610


Now my only concern is the rear end, I know on the 510 the cross member mounting point is dead center. But on a 610 its offset towards the front. I have yet to contact t3 about this. But I am interested to hear from everyone else on there opinions for running the coilover that t3 supplies for the 510 rears.


Heres the linky : https://technotoytun...sion-datsun-510


I just wanted to know what some of the more experienced datsun folks on here think about it.


Thanks :)

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There's not alot of option for 610 especially on the rear. A few of 610ers here have D50 (Ram D50) front springs on the rear combined w/ performance shock absorber. Some had cut off their stock springs. The good thing is whatever fits on the 510 can fit on our 610. If $$$ is no object i'd prolly go w/ that coilovers on your link.

Others fabbed up their own coilovers.

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what are you talking about? the rear shock mount? its really simple i have been working on my 610 for years now and 9.9999 times out of 10 anything suspension wise for a 510 works for a 610 510 coils work for the 610

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imo Techno toy tunning charges way to much. $800 for front coilovers with out camber plates? and rear coilovers are a joke, can probly build your self some for half the price, or buy them from skib.


You can make your ride height adjustable, increase the spring rate by 50%+ and increase the damper (shock) stiffness for both sides for under $50 without welding. Coil overs are an unnecessary expense and anyone who would spend $800 (or half that) keeps their wallet in the back pocket near their brain.


If using stock 610 struts you wouldn't be able to go more that 2-3" anyway even with 'coil overs' without risking bottoming out. If replacing the strut with those from a zx, you should be able to go lower by another inch and a half.

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With the purchase of the coils. I will be sending my stock suspension to them as a core. I then receive 100$ in store for both the front and the rears. Basically making the camber plates free. And I don't see how its unintelligent to purchase the coils, 800$ isn't a bad price, have used t3 for my ae86 and many of my friends use there products. I'd feel much better paying for quality made coilovers by a company I trust. Datsport makes a coilover for the fronts only. And there 3k. Now that's assenine. Lol, I'm not trying to sound rude. I'm just saying my view on what some replies said.

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