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fuel lines

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Most swapped cars I've seen can run the original fuel lines unless you're making decent power.

1/4 fuel line will pump a sufficient volume of fuel for probably most stock motors that go into Datsuns.



However, you can always go to the autoparts store and buy a roll of steel 3/8's or 5/16th's brake line for a good $25 and make new fuel lines.

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When we swapped to EFI on our 510, we installed new fuel line while we had so much other shit out. It's easy enough, and relatively cheap. We just pulled the old one carefully, then bent the new one..... and did a send and return line and just ran them side by side down the same path as the old line.

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When I did the L28et swap on my old S30, I went with a slightly larger fuel send line with the expectation that I would eventually be running more boost as some point in the future. Like DatWifey said, it's cheap and relatively easy to do, and if you do feel the itch for much more power in the future, it's one less un-fun shitty job that you have to do.

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Ya a lot of turbo swap s30 guys use the stock feed as the new return and run a larger line for the feed. V8 guys replace both sometimes. It all depends on the power you plan to make.


There are formulas to decide what size lines you need based on the power to be made. Google it up.

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